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December 6, 2012

Scales of Justice Cookies

A mom contacted me and asked if I could make cookies for her children
who were studying & taking college finals...
Isn't that just the sweetest?
Her son is a law school student...
So I thought the Scales of Justice, in his school's colors, would be most appropriate...
Perhaps pair these with coffee for that perfect pick-me-up
to help keep the studying going...
I thought this quote from Pinterest was quite fitting...
message to my law school peeps.
He can even share with his study group...
Wishing him the best of luck!
Here's to a Thursday filled with focus!


  1. oh i need these too! i study law as well and have an exam nexht week ;)
    i like your blog, you are so creative!!!!!!

    PS. there is a giveaway on my blog, don´t forget to enter:

    1. Thank you SO much! Good luck on your exams!