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August 21, 2012

LSU Cookies

It's hard to believe that summer is over
and Fall and football are here...
I love cool, crisp Saturday afternoons with college football on...
It's so homey and comforting...
Don't you think?
I was asked to make these LSU cookies (using the gold & purple) 
for a celebration this Friday...
Next time I'm going to use my traditional circle
and incorporate the gold, purple & white...
Are YOU ready for some football?

top image via Julie Leah


  1. Hi Mrs. Graham!!

    It's Drake from 6th period last year.

    We all miss you!! :) How are you?

    1. Hi Drake!
      What a nice surprise! How are you? Are you still at Bridgewater? Are you enjoying your classes? I miss you guys too! As you can see I've retired and have started my own business. Thanks for keeping in touch! Have a great day!
      Mrs. Graham

  2. Yeah, I'm still at Bridgewater. The classes are pretty fun (my electives are photography and computers).

    Good luck in the cookie business! They all look really good :)